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Component Repository


The Component Repository stores information about integration components such as adapters & transformer.

API Reference Implementation Service File

Technologies used

  • Node.js
  • MongoDB

How it works

Integration components are lightweight and stand-alone Docker images that include everything needed to run the component, including the component’s code, a runtime, libraries and dependencies. Each component is based on an Open Integration Hub parent image which provides the component runtime. For example, for Java component the parent images provides the JDK and for Node.js component the parent image provides NPM and Node.js.

The component images are stored in a Docker Registry. A Docker Registry is a stateless, highly scalable storage for Docker images. Any open source integration component can be store and distributed in/from Docker Cloud so that they would be available to any OIH installations (cloud or on-prem) out of the box. For private components private Docker Registry can be maintained locally so that no components are exposed to the cloud. Each on prem installation could decide whether to use private repos on Docker Cloud or installing a private Docker Registry on prem for their private components.

Interaction with other Services

  • Interacts with IAM to introspect provided IAM token.
  • Component Orchestrator get the information about components from this service.