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Message Oriented Middleware


The Message Oriented Middleware stores and routes messages while transferring them from senders to receivers.

Technologies used

  • RabbitMQ

How it works

An integration flow is represented by a directed acyclic graph in which nodes are represented by integration components communicating with a particular API or executing some custom logic. The edges of the integration graph define which of two components are connected.

An integration flow is executed by number of Pods, each representing a flow’s node, also called a flow step. The steps communicate which each other through a messaging queue, such as RabbitMQ. The following diagram displays an example of an integration flow using a message broker.

Message Oriented Middleware

In the diagram above Step 1 is a trigger component producing data by polling an API periodically. The produced messages are sent to a queue connecting Step 1 and Step 2. Because the component in Step 2 is very slow, its consumption rate is lower than the publish rate. The result is that the queue is growing. That’s why 2 instances of Step 2 are started, each consuming messages from the same queue. The message broker makes sure that the messages are sent to a single consumer only.

Interaction with other Services