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Service Events

Open Integration Hub services mostly communicate asynchronously and via message queues. Most services emitts and consumes several events.

This document is designed to list all events per service.

The currently used Event format provided by the Event Bus library was adopted for overall use. The schema is:

  "headers": {
    "serviceName": "string",
    "createdAt": "date",
    "name": "string"
  "payload": {
    "user": "string",
    "tenant": "string"

The field contents are:

  • headers: An object containing metadata about the event itself
    • serviceName: The name of the spawning service. If using the event-bus module, this will be filled in automatically
    • createdAt: A timestamp of the event’s creation. If using the event-bus module, this will be filled in automatically.
    • name: The name of the event. Also doubles as its routing key.
  • payload: An arbitrary JSON object, containing the content of the event. Two optional fields are reserved for logging purposes:
    • user: The IAM-ID of a user who spawned the event
    • tenant: The IAM-ID of a tenant in which this event occurred


General Events

  • User created - iam.user.created

  • User removed - iam.user.deleted

  • Tenant created - iam.tenant.created

  • Tenant removed - iam.tenant.deleted

AuditLog Events

  • User:
  1. Created, modified, deleted, assigned/removed to/from tenant, failed login attempt
  2. e.g. iam.user.[operation]
  • Tenant:
  1. Created, modified, deleted
  2. e.g. iam.tenant.[operation]
  • Token / Roles / Permissions:
  1. Created, modified, deleted
  2. e.g. iam.role.[operation]


AuditLog Events

  • Secret:
  1. Created, deleted
  2. e.g. secret-service.secret.[operation], secret-service.auth-client.[operation]
  • Access Token requested by Account:
  1. e.g. secret-service.token.get


AuditLog Events

  • Domain / Schema
  1. Created, modified, deleted
  2. E.g. metadata.schema.[operation]

Flow Repository

AuditLog Events

  • flowrepo.flow.created
  • flowrepo.flow.modified
  • flowrepo.flow.deleted
  • flowrepo.flow.starting
  • flowrepo.flow.stopping

Component Orchestrator

AuditLog Events

  • flow.started
  • flow.stopped