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Collaboration Model


UML Diagram

UML Diagram

JSON Schema

Collabrotation Calendar e-mail TaskToTaskRelation

Description Table

Description Table

General Structure

Collaboration is a broad term. This Data Model represents three key areas of collaboration: e-mail, calendar events and tasks.

Through community feedback these were identified as the most important models in the collaboration domain.

Due to the extensive professional use of Microsoft Outlook the chosen e-mail standard is derived mostly from Outlook An existing standard for calendar events is “iCalender” (RFC 5545). The properties of “iCalender” are incorporated and extended.

In all three areas it is important to know which person created a certain element, when and with which properties. Therefore all three models have identical properties and are set in relation to a central element.

The models inherit the most important properties from this main collaboration element.


Further information

As an open standard we are of course trying to be compatible with existing models out there. So for this model other industry standards were analyzed. If you are interested in learning more about the concepts behind this model, check out the workgroup on GitHub.


Do you have ideas, requirements or suggestions? Let us know and help to make this model more powerful.

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