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Receives http calls and passes messages to execution.

Implementation Service File

Technologies used

How it works

It listens for incoming HTTP connections, serializes incoming data and puts it to the queue of the first node of the flow. The message is being consumed and processed by the component.

Available endpoints

  • HEAD /hook/{flowId} - returns 200 if a flow is found and ready for receiving messages, otherwise 404. This endpoint doesn’t process any incoming data.
  • GET /hook/{flowId} - this endpoint processes incoming data. It’s possible to pass message arguments as query params and headers.
  • POST /hook/{flowId} - this endpoint processes incoming data. It allows to pass data in request body, headers or query params.


  • RabbitMQ
  • MongoDB

How to build

docker build -t openintegrationhub/communication-router:latest -f Dockerfile ../../


VERSION=latest npm run build:docker

How to deploy

Kubernetes descriptors for Communication Router along with the other core platform services can be found in the k8s directory.

Environment variables


Name Description
LISTEN_PORT Port for HTTP interface.
LOG_LEVEL Log level for logger.
MONGODB_URI MongoDB connection string.
PAYLOAD_SIZE_LIMIT Maximum request’s payload size that could be handled.
RABBITMQ_URI RabbitMQ connection URI for the Resource Coordinator application.